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Need to find an accountant or lawyer who provides the services to meet your needs? The Guide to Professional Services is for you! This is a FREE and informative facility to assist individuals and businesses in locating “the right service provider” for their needs.

Using GPS
The simplest way to use this site is to make the selection between accounting and legal services as displayed to the left. Once you have select which category of professional services you require, your search begins. So why not give it a try! If you need more detailed information on how to get the most out of the search, why not have a look at the Search Tips. If you are unsure what service you actually require, take the time to browse through a few of the terms in the glossary, or if you want to tell us what you think of this site or ways to make improvements, please drop us a line from the feedback page.

Registering on GPS
If you wish to become one of the many firms listed on GPS, then click on the Registration button in the applicable service category area, print out all the forms, complete them and then forward it on to us. Why not make your practice one of the many utilising this invaluable and cost effective method of marketing.

About our Guide to Professional Services
The right service provider is the professional most appropriate for your individual needs. Most users of professional services have a general idea of the services they need. However, finding someone who can provide those services is a more complex task.

Because in our ever increasingly complex world it is simply not reasonable to expect any professional to be an expert in everything, because most tend as a matter of necessity, focus on a somewhat limited range of skills or industries. How does the user determine which service provider to focus on or who has the experience in the particular service needed?

Knowing the name, address and/or phone number for hundreds of firms can only very indirectly help in providing the answer … if you are prepared to spend the necessary amounts of time and effort.

Our Guide to Professional Services overcomes the above problems. It provides a location facility based on:

  • Services currently provided by each practice.
  • Special facilities or attributes of the practice such as, language, branch offices or special accreditations.
  • Keywords that may include special industries or be related to the service required.
  • City/suburb or name of firm.
Each firm has a short summary about themselves, their people and/or their services. As I am sure you will agree, a much more useful approach than merely a telephone book type listing!

Glossary of Business Terms
We all hear them in our day-to-day work. There is a presumption everyone knows what they mean. But do we fully understand the same meaning? Why not use the glossary to help select the service you really need?

The disclaimer page contains necessary legal information that all users should read before acting on information found on this site.

We hope you find our services useful, and would love to hear from you with any success stories you may have, and please, if it works for you tell a friend.


How To Use This Site

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