• We recommend when reviewing practice service levels that recognition is given to the number of services that you require- do you require simply one service or could this professional assist you with a broad range of services. Think about what it is that you really need !!

  • Are you having trouble reading text ? Why not increase font size by selecting the font button on the toolbar or selecting options followed by general preference, font tab and size.

  • Remember, our database is just starting. The more items in your search, the more limited the available firms. Keep searches as wide as possible for the moment.

  • Please presume that all firms listed on “The Guide” speak English.

  • DO NOT forget that you can e-mail a prospective accountant or legal practitioner directly by clicking their e-mail address and completing the included section. This will go directly to that selected practice.

  • Please remember that professional practices provide services over a wide geographical area. If a firm lists its location, or is in fact located in an area some distance from you, contact the firm anyway as they will probably be keen to assist you with your needs, after all they are providing a service that you need.

  • Don’t forget to use “the Glossary” should you be unsure of the exact service you require.

  • When selecting a location or area, the search will be completed using the firm’s actual location, their local service area such as eastern suburbs, western suburbs north coast etc, and the general service area such as Sydney, Canberra, Perth etc.


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