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Finding an effective solution to your transport and logistics management can be a difficult process. However, for those companies that operate fleets of vehicles, fleet management can be the ideal solution. Fleet management enables businesses to succeed in planning, implementing and controlling transportation and logistics management whilst improving efficiency, increasing productivity and minimising costs.

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What are Transport Management Solutions?

Transport management solutions (otherwise known as TMS) are a key part of supply chain management focusing on the implementation and transportation of assets from one location to another. The transportation of assets can be achieved in a number of ways, including: rail, road, air or by water.

Transportation management requires exceptional logistics planning to ensure transport operations are executed effectively and it is here that logistics management is introduced.

What is Logistics Management?

According to The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, logistics management is: ‘the process of planning, implementing and controlling procedures to ensure the efficient transportation of goods’.

Logistics describes the planning that is required in order to ensure the efficient delivery of products from point A (its origin) to point B (the point when it enters into your customers hands and fulfils their requirements); whether this is inbound, outbound, internal or external.

Every stage of logistics management is carefully co-ordinated, planned, implemented and controlled, to the point where many companies will employ simulation software in order to test out different procedures and approaches.

Given the complexity of logistics management, it is often modelled, analysed and optimised through logistics management systems, especially in industries that operate fleets of vehicles. As an example, delivery services hugely benefit from employing a fleet management solution as a logistics management system to improve route planning, optimise fuel usage, minimise the use of resources, and improve the overall efficiency of product delivery.

Furthermore, logistics management via fleet management aids the management and mitigation of risks and expenses by being able to track assets and ensure your fleet logistics are operating efficiently.

Why invest in Fleet Management?

Fleet management is an asset to any company. It allows businesses to manage all aspects of their fleet transport and logistics operations.

In its most basic form, fleet management covers a range of functions, including: vehicle financing, maintenance and telematics; driver, speed and fuel management; and health and safety whilst also providing companies with the tools to remove/minimise the risks of vehicle operations with the overall aim of improving fleet and workforce productivity as well as reduce transportation and staff costs.

Fleet logistics can either be handled in-house or outsourced depending on whether you have the resources to monitor the fleet transport management software as it transmits the real-time GPS data.

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The Benefits of Effective Transport Management

By either employing fleet management software as an overall logistics and transport management solution or integrating the software with existing logistics and transport management systems, you can benefit from the following:

  • Have the ability to instantly access vehicle data, e.g. real-time location, fuel economy, heading and much more, that are essential for managing your uptime and operating costs. In particular, by being able to review mileage and the working hours of your drivers using telematics devices you can reduce costs and increase profits.
  • Being able to create accurate AML/CTF Compliance Reports that includes information on all the activities of your drivers – tolls, travel, fuel, maintenance etc.
  • Having central visibility and control over all of your drivers and assets. On one screen you will be able to monitor and optimise all vehicle operations (e.g. load planning, dispatch functions, efficient delivery route planning).
  • Keep fleet and workforce master files up-to-date to ensure the necessary documentation of your drivers and fleet (revenue, mileage, maintenance etc.), whilst also having access to monitoring tools that alert fleet managers to any compliance issues.

With all the benefits and being able to manage, organise and improve transportation and logistics it is easy to see why fleet management is utilised by SMEs and large organisations across a wide range of industries.

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