Tramigo review

Tramigo Company Profile


Est. 2003
Queensland, Western Australia
World’s Best Selling Vehicle Tracker


Global Leaders in Fleet Tracking Devices
Leading European Asset Tracking Company
Nominated Best Enterprise Solution – GSM Awards

Features: 95/100 
Customer Support: 80/100 
Value For Money: 88/100 

Tramigo are a global organisation, with their headquarters in Finland. They are global leaders in fleet tracking devices and unlike many other vehicle and asset trackers, they work using specialised landmark data. Every Tramigo product comes with built-in patented Tamigo Landmark Data (TLD) – making Tramigo unique and hugely valuable wherever in the world you are, no matter how remote. Whilst known globally, and a leading brand in Europe, Tramigo is making ground in Australia. With an Australian presence in Queensland and Western Australia, Tramigo offers a series of vehicle trackers highly worth considering.


Tramigo T23 Series Live in Action:


Expert Opinion

Tramigo’ newest product series, the T23, operates in such a unique way compared to other vehicle trackers and fleet management systems that it should definitely be considered for its patented Tramigo Landmark Data system alone. Tramigo’s fleet trackers can be used on any vehicle, from cars to motorbikes to buses to boats and comes with various accessories which make each device even more functional, such as protective cases or remote listening microphones.

Particularly valuable is the purchase nature of the T23 series. Being completely in control of your costs can be essential to many fleet managers and therefore the one-off costs of a Tramigo tracker can be an attractive prospect.


Fleet Tracking Systems

Tramigo offer off-the-shelf tracking solutions, all part of their T23 range. This is made up of three separate levels: the T23 Track, T23 Fleet and T23 Magnum each suited to slightly bigger fleets, and different vehicles, as they escalate. Each comes with free access to the M1 Move ( fleet tracking software for smart phones) and M1 Fleet ( fleet tracking software for PCs) making them a distinctive fleet management tool. The Tramigo system works by locating vehicles against existing landmarks, for example, an intersection or a bridge. The M1 Fleet software enables you to overlay this data to a map so that you can visualise the vehicle’s location more easily.

Tramigo T23 Series

The T23 series has built on the success of the T22 and offers a highly useful and unique fleet management solution through the T23 Track Tracker, T23 Fleet Tracker, and T23 Magnum Tracker.


  • Driver identification
  • Limited, but useful, driver management information e.g. speeding and idling
  • GPS technology combined with GSM mobile
  • Reporting functions, for example speed, trips, and zone crossings
  • Free M1 Move Smartphone software suitable for Apple and Android giving ‘sense’ to the TLD data.
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Mapping overlay function through M1 Fleet combined with satellite pictures for understanding landmark locations
  • Some maintenance monitoring such as Temperature Metrics
  • Fuel Management
  • Auto Alerts
  • Vehicle Security through tracking
  • T23 Magnum is a tougher design with an IP rating of 57 making it water resistant
  • Route Replay through a ‘breadcrumb trail’ allowing you to see where a vehicle has been in a given time window
  • Ability to shut down the engine via SMS
  • Ignition sensors, and motion sensors
  • SMS information on location
  • Preloaded with landmark data for Australia
  • Free M1 Fleet PC Software enabling you to operate the trackers as part of a complete fleet management system
  • SOS button


  • Improve Driver Safety by knowing where they are and speeds, idling, and other important data
  • Improve Customer Service with exceptional delivery status information including arrival and departure times
  • Improve Fleet Security by tracking vehicles and assets
  • Utilisation possible with any Australian operator SIM
  • Excellent for remote locations where other vehicle trackers struggle
  • No monthly fees or license fees, just a one off purchase cost
  • Back-up battery
  • Improved Productivity and reliability
  • 2 year warranty included

Industry Usage

The Tramigo T23 series is scaled through slightly differing devices starting with the T23 Tracker suitable for smaller to medium size enterprises with car based fleets for daily management.

The T23 Fleet is suitable for small, medium, and larger fleets including cars, buses, trucks and more for daily management and larger fleet safety and security.

The T23 Magnum is suitable for rugged assets and vehicles with greater need for robustness, for example plant equipment.

Tramigo is ideal across a wide range of sectors such as logistics, insurance, banking, service providers, hire vehicles, utilities, telecoms and emergency services.

Features: 95/100 
Customer Support: 80/100 
Value For Money: 88/100 

Cost: $399 – $449
Rating: ★★★★½
Recommended: 88%


Tramigo T23 Costs

Tramigo is unique from many other offerings within vehicle tracking, especially as you aren’t tied in to monthly contracts. This makes the system highly popular because it can be bought outright (and covered by a 2 year warranty). Tramigo is extremely attractive to those fleet managers not wanting to be tied in to a contract.

T23 Track


Per Unit

T23 Fleet


Per Unit

T23 Magnum


Per Unit


Customer Support

Tramigo operates largely on a one-off purchase basis, and does not have a monthly subscription with associated support. However, despite this there are customer support options available 24/7 via phone, email and a web form. Also available on the Tramigo website is a section with useful downloads to help you with common concerns and to trouble-shoot any potential difficulties.


Tramigo Case Study

Lifeline Rescue Inc chose to use Tramigo for their vehicle tracking and fleet management. Lifeline Rescue Inc is a private medical rescue service responsible for dispatching ambulances and medical care to over 800,000 people in and around the capital in the Philippines. It is imperative for Lifeline Rescue Inc to get ambulances on site as quickly as possible. Tramigo has made this process more efficient and reliable.

Not only does Lifeline Rescue Services need to know where each and every ambulance is at all times, they also needed a means of providing proof of the actions and service given. This is possible through Tramigo through the detailed logs of response times, arrival and departure data and more. Additionally, and of great use for Lifeline Rescue Inc, is the ability for the control centre to remotely listen in to what’s happening in the back of the ambulance via a microphone in the device.

Tramigo was the supplier of choice for Lifeline Rescue Inc because of the manageable costs, with no monthly fees. An added benefit is that the system has even worked when they have needed to use to device when airlifting patients.


Why Choose Tramigo?

Choose Tramigo if you want to get on board with a product that is likely to take Australia by storm, much like it has done elsewhere in the world. The Tramigo T23 series is particularly valuable if you operate vehicles and assets in remote locations where other vehicle tracking systems have failed. Tramigo is different from other vehicle tracking devices, but a popular choice for many reasons.