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Est. 1998
Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tasmania
100% Australian Owned


Customer Expectations Exceeded
Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions
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Street Fleet started back in 1998 in Southern Australia and are part of the successful Smith Motor Group of companies. Head office of Street Fleet remains in Adelaide, and they also have a presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Tasmania. They focus exclusively on providing fleet solutions to the Australian market. Fleet Street’s primary purpose is comprehensive fleet management, including novated lease, but they also offer vehicle tracking solutions. They have previously specialised in government, charities and not for profit organisations, but have now extended their client base to all types of fleet based business.


Expert Opinion

Having grown gradually from a very strong South Australia presence, to a more nationwide one, Street Fleet have progressively built on their success whilst retaining their core values and purpose. They are experts in car-based fleet management for businesses keen to demonstrate accountability and be certain of a definite return on their investment with stakeholders to please. Street Fleet, whilst experts in novated lease, offer great fleet management and GPS tracking solutions tying in closely to employee issues such as Fringe Tax Benefits and issues of key importance to drivers of vehicles for business purposes. They offer a service that pleases both employers and employees.


Fleet Management Solutions

Street Fleet offer vehicle and fleet tracking through their suite of services called ‘Fleet Management’ which is comprised of several different elements including Logbook Me Fleet Analytics and their Car Parking Register.

Street Fleet – Fleet Management

The Fleet Management aspect of Street Fleet is useful for GPS tracking and various aspects of fleet management.

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Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★★
Recommended: 77%


  • 24/7 fleet visibility via live mapping
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Smartphone apps for iPhone and Android
  • Logbook Me Fleet Analytics: details of driver behaviour such as speeding, braking, cornering and acceleration
  • Reporting functions including information such as car park usage
  • Impact Recording
  • Cloud-Based System
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Auto Alerts
  • Vehicle Security
  • Odometer Readings
  • Route Recording for analysis
  • Tax Log Book – for both individual and shared vehicles
  • Integration with smartphone calendars
  • Car Parking Register: automatic tracking of car park usage to calculate accurate fringe benefits tax
  • Fringe Benefit Tax Tracking


  • Improve driver safety
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve business productivity and efficiency
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Reduced costs

Industry Usage

Street Fleet originally focused its business on government, charities and not-for-profit organisations. They are therefore exceptional at delivering low cost solutions that pay for themselves quickly and are excellent for accountability. They have now extended the scope of their Fleet Management solutions to include a much wider range of fleet based businesses, including but not limited to sales, technician workforces, shift workers, employees who are required to travel for business, and even part-time and ad hoc workforces.


Street Fleet Costs

Street Fleet predominantly offer the Fleet Management suite of services such as Logbook Me Fleet Analytics and Tax Log Book through their wider fleet management service which includes novated leases and vehicle maintenance. When used as part of the wider fleet management system then cost savings to individual clients will be greater the more products and aspects of the service they take on. Outsourcing has been proven to be a highly cost effective means of fleet management, and this is true also for fleet analytics and GPS tracking.


Customer Support

Street Fleet are used to having on-call consultants dedicated to the fleets they completely manage. The Fleet Management and tracking aspect of their business is an addition to this. Clients receive their own nominated consultant who can be contacted by phone in the case of needing support.

Customer Verdict

Customer satisfaction with Street Fleet is high and return on investment makes installing fleet management systems worthwhile.

Sharon Wark, Chief Financial Officer at Barkuma Inc, who use Street Fleet has said that Street Fleet have been extremely flexible, proactive and have added great value to the business through well considered suggestions and recommendations. Sharon also stated that the being able to ring Street Fleet for advice has been fundamental to the customer support received.

Generally, Street Fleet’s customers come from a mixture of businesses that are car-fleet based. These are usually government bodies, charitable organisations, non-profit organisations, service based businesses, sales, technicians and businesses that have their workforce on the road.


Why Choose Street Fleet?

Street Fleet is a good option if you are considering expanding your fleet management whilst not having to ‘do it all’ yourself. If you need a company you can trust to listen to your requirements and put together a package that suits you, with Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking as one element of that, then Street Fleet could be a good choice. They aim to keep costs as low as possible whilst offering an expert service. They are best suited for car-based fleets within their areas of expertise.