Intellitrac review

Intellitrac Company Profile


Est. 2004
Victoria, Australia
Best Selling GPS Trackers


BRW Fast Starters
BRW Fast 100
Cool Company Award
Anthill Smart 100
Canstar Innovation Excellence Aware

Features: 90/100 
Customer Support: 95/100 
Value For Money: 93/100 

Intellitrac are an Australian company pushing a global presence. Operating since 2004, they have a range of customisable options for a huge range of businesses and industries.

Intellitrac supply field management options to over 10,000 companies and government departments, and as such are a reliable name on the GPS tracker scene. Their aim is to offer users a choice of reliable and affordable products that work for their business.

Their Beat Any Price offer makes them a main contender for switching suppliers, or starting out on your GPS tracker journey.


Expert Opinion

Intellitrac is an Australian company which is gradually building a global presence. With long-lasting roots in the GPS market since 2004, they have responded well to the frequent changes the industry sees with changing technology and ever increasing pressures to assist fleets become more productive. The benefit of Intellitrac being a larger business is the comprehensive customer support and innovative fleet management solutions.


Fleet Management Solutions

Intellitrac offer a broad range of fleet management and vehicle tracking software solutions to the Australian market. Products can be stand alone or combined to create an Intellitrac suite.

Intellitrac MyCars – Gen 3

This is the best-selling GPS tracker in Australia and with good reason. It’s affordable, scalable, and offers a range of powerful features and benefits.

Features: 90/100 
Customer Support: 95/100 
Value For Money: 93/100 

Cost: $15 – $27
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommended: 93%


  • Basic Driver Management including speeding data, braking and idling
  • GPS, NextG and 3G Technology
  • Reporting with custom options e.g. journey time
  • App Integration with iPhone and Android
  • Real-Time tracking with 60 second refreshing of data
  • Incident Tracking
  • Accident Tracking with 1 second recording via Black Box
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Live Mapping with Street View
  • Driver Detail Recording
  • SOS button
  • Immobiliser
  • Connect to Alarm
  • Fuel Tank Level RecorderBackup Battery
  • Tampering Alerts
  • Add-ons: Refrigerated Transport Temperature Monitoring (suitable for temperature monitoring in the majority of key cities, on highways as well as some towns); Waste Management Monitoring; School Bus passenger drop-off and pick-up reporting.
  • I-Dispatch add-on capability makes it suitable for dispatch-based businesses.


  • Driver Safety and Performance Monitoring
  • Fuel Cost Reductions due to reduced idling and optimised routes
  • Possible Reduction on Insurance Premiums
  • Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
  • Legal Compliance
  • Fleet Security with Alarm Integration
  • Make a greener fleet
  • Improve Productivity and Reliability
  • Onsite installation

Industry Usage

Intellitrac MyCars Gen 3 is an ideal plug in and go option for fleets largely made up of cars and vans, for smaller to medium-sized businesses. Industries best served by this product include trades, sales forces, utility workers and telecoms engineers. With the various add-ons available, the Intellitrac MyCars Gen 3 package becomes valuable for school buses, waste management companies, street sweepers, food distributors and more.


Intellitrac MyMachines GPS

Intellitrac are best-sellers when it comes to tracking plant and machine equipment with variable monthly plans to suit your requirements.

Features: 90/100 
Customer Support: 95/100 
Value For Money: 93/100 

Cost: $15 – $35
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommended: 93%


  • Driver Behaviour Management including speeding
  • NextG Technology combined with GPS
  • Standard and Customised Reporting
  • 60-second ‘Real-Time’ refresh rate
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Web-based system
  • Auto Alert
  • Legal Compliance Assistance and Monitoring
  • Man Down Button
  • Engine Immobilisation Option
  • Connection to existing Alarm
  • Fuel Tank Level Monitoring
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Asset Register


  • Asset and Trailer Security
  • Possible Insurance Reductions
  • Onsite Installation
  • Security

Industry Usage

With many Australian businesses operating expensive assets at remote locations, keeping a track of that equipment is essential. Knowing where they are and how they are operating improves customer service and aids the entire smooth operation of the business. MyMachines GPS is suitable for all 12 and 24v plant and equipment and as such is a suitable choice for many different Australian industries from construction to mining and oil and gas.


Intellitrac – MyTrailer GPS

Intellitrac MyTrailer GPS is designed for the haulage industry with trailers and trucks covering vast Australian distances. The balance of GPS and NextG technology allows for seamless coverage wherever your fleet is.

Features: 90/100 
Customer Support: 95/100 
Value For Money: 93/100 

Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommended: 93%


  • NextG and GPS
  • Reporting including Custom Options such as Daily Activity Recording
  • Accident Tracking with 1 second black box recording
  • Scheduling for Routine Maintenance
  • Cloud-based with iPhone and Android apps
  • Live Mapping with Street View
  • Auto Alerts with customisable options
  • Magnet Mounted Models available
  • Permanently Mounted Models available
  • Self-powered or Wired-in models available
  • Asset Register


  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Fleet Cost Reductions
  • Insurance Recognised
  • Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
  • Onsite Installation
  • Legal Compliance Monitoring
  • Fleet Security

Industry Usage

The Intellitrac MyTrailers GPS options are ideal for the trucking and haulage industry in Australia. Logistics fleet operators will find this technology invaluable for their fleet.


Intellitrac Costs and Value for Money

Intellitrac offer a large range of options which can function stand alone or in conjunction with other Intellitrac products. Some indications of prices are as follows:

MyCar Gen 3

From $27  

Per Month Per Vehicle

MyMachines GPS

From $15  

Per Month Per Machine

MyTrailer GPS


Dependent on Requirements

Intellitrac MyCar Gen 3 has three different pricing package options ranging from $27 to $35 AUD per month per vehicle. Intellitrac MyMachines GPS also offers 3 different options ranging from $15 to $35 AUD per month per machine.

Investment in an Intellitrac system will see customers ultimately save money on the productivity and optimisation of their fleet.


Customer Support

Intellitrac is big enough to offer comprehensive customer support via various means. Full training is offered to everyone using Intellitrac and with onsite set-up this makes for a useful combination. Help and support is available via email and phone using their helpdesk and through web forms in your account portal. There is a searchable database for general support enquiries as well as online training videos easily available. Furthermore, Intellitrac issue service packs with relevant modifications and fixes as needed.

Customer Verdict

Intellitrac is consistently highly reviewed by customers with comments such as: “Great product and great service and support from IntelliTrac. It’s helped me improve my business and weed out the inefficiencies.”


Why Choose Intellitrac

Choose Intellitrac if you need a solid and reliable company who can meet your needs whether you’re a one man band with a vehicle of one, or a larger fleet with complicated tracking requirements. Intellitrac are good at updating their systems and making the technology work for you, so don’t be afraid to be clear on exactly what you need to get the best from the products on offer.