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Fleetmatics Company Profile


Est. 2004
Pyrmont, Sydney
Global Leaders in Mobile Workforce Solutions


38,000 Customers
757,000 Subscribed Vehicles
Technology Award – Van Fleet World Honours
Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500

Features: 95/100 
Customer Support: 90/100 
Value For Money: 93/100 

With over 750,000 vehicles currently being tracked, Fleetmatics are global leaders in mobile workforce solutions providing cost effective web based solutions to all and any sized fleet based businesses. Fleetmatics provide two main fleet tracking solutions; Fleetmatics Reveal for small to medium businesses and Fleetmatics Reveal+ for large fleets. Fleetmatics Reveal+ builds on the fundamentals of Fleetmatics Reveal, which in itself is an excellent GPS fleet tracking system that is easy to install and operate. This review aims to give you a rundown of both Fleetmatics Australia products.


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Expert Opinion

Fleetmatics are a global leader in fleet management. With their innovative fleet tracking technology and software alongside their award winning customer service, Fleetmatics is considered as one of the best fleet management companies on the market and is highly recommended.


Fleetmatics Reveal:

fleetmatics reveal review

Fleetmatics Reveal is an ideal fleet management solution for small and medium Australian fleets that are looking for a GPS tracking system which is fast to set-up and extremely easy to use.

Fleetmatics Reveal is one of the worlds leading fleet management systems and with the wide range of cost saving features and the ability to access the software remotely from a mobile device it is easy to see why this fleet management solution is so popular. The features include:

  • Driver ID via unique driver key fob
  • Dashboard data presentation
  • Customised reporting including fuel, activity, time and driver behaviour
  • Real-time alerts
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Live map – know where your team is in real time
  • Route replay
  • Cloud-based access
  • Fuel card integration
  • Schedule reminders for fleet maintenance
  • Use of Fleetmatics app

Fleetmatics is highly regarded for its accurate real time location GPS tracking and its easily understandable dashboard reports. These two features prove very useful for fleet managers , especially when monitoring and organising the dispatch activities of fleets. Its features extend far beyond real time location tracking and dispatch management, Fleetmatics Reveal allows fleet managers to replay routes to both optimise routes and identify any unauthorised vehicle usage to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Additionally, Fleetmatics Reveal provides in-depth insights into driver behaviour and vehicle health as well as vehicle security.

Features: 90/100 
Customer Support: 90/100 
Value For Money: 90/100 

Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommended: 90%


Fleetmatics Reveal+:

fleetmatics reveal plus review

Fleetmatics Australia are well served when it comes to larger fleets thanks to Reveal+. This incorporates all of the features of Fleetmatics Reveal and enhances them in a scalable and flexible way making a product that is truly tailored to your business. With access to more in-depth analytical insights Fleetmatics Reveal+ opens up cost saving opportunities for fleet managers to act upon. Fleetmatics Reveal+ features include:

  • Scalable and flexible to suit your business type and size
  • Enterprise grouping: group vehicle and driver data, for example dispatchers and business analysts
  • Customised reporting including fuel, activity, time and driver behaviour
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Back office integration allowing you to customise third party software integration to combine elements of your business processes
  • Automatic geofencing
  • Fleetmatics app
  • Safety and security features
  • Historical analysis
  • Cloud-based access
  • Schedule reminders for fleet maintenance

Fleetmatics Reveal+ is ideal if your business relies on a large fleet and if you are wanting to exploit all cost saving areas of your fleet operation. This is one of the most powerful fleet management tools that integrates with a highly sophisticated cloud-based system for monitoring and reporting live fleet activity as well as identifying trends and analysing all areas of your fleet through back office integration to ensure for a truly holistic fleet management solution.

Features: 100/100 
Customer Support: 90/100 
Value For Money: 95/100 

Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommended: 95%


Benefits of Fleetmatics Australia:

Both Fleetmatics systems use the most advanced fleet management technologies. The benefits of these technological features aim to:

  • Make your fleet more responsive to customer needs
  • Make your fleet more efficient
  • Increase the security of both your fleet and your drivers
  • Enhance fuel efficiency by reducing wasted mileage
  • Improve your customer service
  • Reduce and ultimately stop unsanctioned trips
  • Increase productivity and profits

For those considering Fleetmatics Reveal+ it is useful to know that Fleetmatics offer a free Return on Investment Analyse allowing you to see the cost saving impact that the fleet management system can have on your business.


Fleetmatics Costs

The price for the system you choose depends on the number of vehicles you are tracking. There is a monthly fixed per-vehicle fee which includes all hardware and software service charges. There are no additional access fees and you can get a free demo of the software to test it out before you commit.

Fleetmatics Reveal


Price Dependent on Requirements

Fleetmatics Reveal+


Price Dependent on Requirements


Customer Support

Fleetmatics pride themselves on providing exceptional customer support. Fleetmatics will not only work with you to develop a custom fleet management platform tailored to your business requirements, but they also provide a dedicated customer support team who will help you to make smart decisions and optimise your fleet even further. Furthermore, Fleetmatics have been awarded the Silver Stevie World Premier Business Award for Customer Service.


Fleetmatics Australia Case Study


Why Choose Fleetmatics?

Fleetmatics are one of the more customisable GPS tracking systems available on the Australian market, making them perfect for fleets that are growing in size and need a fleet management solution that will work cohesively with their business operations. Not only do Fleetmatics Australia offer customised training for your staff they also allow you to set permissions to suit the needs of your business, meaning that you can utilise the system in the best way for your fleet. Fleetmatics are a trusted and reliable supplier of fleet management solutions and recommended by many.