ArmadaGPS provide two main fleet management services to the Australian market. AmardaGPS form part of the New Zealand company Snitch Inc., known over the pond for their excellent mapping, navigation and GPS technology. Relatively new to the Australian scene, ArmadaGPS offer excellent fleet GPS tracking and navigation systems for small to large fleets of cars, vans and trucks as well as motorbikes and personnel. If you’re looking for more complex fleet management systems that offer advanced dispatch and software integration systems, ArmadaGPS products are not the best option for you. However, with its excellent mapping features and ability to combine with Armada Messaging and Navigation, it is a worthwhile contender if route optimisation is important to your fleet.

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What Australian Fleet Management Solutions Do ArmadaGPS Offer?

There are two main services offered, ArmadaGPS and Armada Messaging & Navigation. ArmadaGPS provides a mapping and navigation system from which fleet managers can view all vehicle locations through GPS tracking. The system aims to reduce overall fleet costs through mileage wasted as well as improving staff productivity and safety.


ArmadaGPS ReviewRating (1-5*)
Ease of Use★★★★
Customer Support★★
Value for Money★★★
Reviewed by Global Positioning Specialists27/04/2016
*(1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good, (5) excellent

ArmadaGPS is their flagship product, it is a simple to use and easy to set up navigation and fleet tracking. The system is capable of reporting on your fleet vehicle locations and giving detailed travel histories for your fleet including data such as: speed, arrival and leaving times, and mileage. What’s more, the mapping facility is integrated with Google Maps to allow for accurate detailing of the exact locations of your vehicles. The system also enables fleet managers to be sent alerts regarding speeding and maintenance information such as when your WFO, rego or service is due.

The tracking function, offered as a 12 month free trial for small fleets of up to 5 vehicles, monitors performance, security, job dispatch data as well as the safety of staff. However, customer support post installation seems to be very limited and relies on a community forum.

ArmadaGPS Technology

As its name implies, GPS is the main thrust of how the ArmadaGPS systems work. A unit is installed in vehicles, which doesn’t require any intervention from the driver. Add-ons are available such as panic alarms for individual drivers. The Sat Nav works on Google Maps using Garmin’s fleet management interface with touchscreen units with free lifetime Australian and New Zealand maps.

Features & Benefits of ArmadaGPS

  • Travel history data: e.g. idling, stops and speeds
  • Mapping incorporating GoogleMaps
  • Detailed reports
  • Alerts and push notifications for speeding and maintenance information
  • 12 months free tracking for up to 5 vehicles using a free pre-paid SIM on the Telstra network
  • Lower operational costs through reducing wasted mileage
  • Predict and forecast routine maintenance
  • Improve staff productivity and safety

ArmadaGPS Cost & Value for Money

The 12 months free tracking trial makes a good value option for smaller fleets (under 5 vehicles). However, the system is very limited compared to others on the market. There are more advanced fleet tracking systems which will provide a greater return on your investment.

Why Choose ArmadaGPS

ArmadaGPS doesn’t have many of the features of the more comprehensive fleet management systems, but if you are a small fleet and want to see if vehicle tracking is suited to your business model then this would be a viable option for the short term.

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