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As a fleet-based business, whether in the urban heartland of Sydney, or requiring long-distance trucking across states, you will understand the importance of effective route planning. However, you might not yet have realised how much easier route planning could be and, more importantly, how many dollars you can save by integrating route optimisation software in to your fleet.

Fleet management is consistently being introduced into Australian fleets to give businesses the competitive edge needed to go beyond the basics of route planning optimisation. Ultimately, multi stop route planners reduce fuel usage, improve productivity and cut costs.

Useful Information:

What is Multi Stop Route Planner Software?

When it comes to fleet management, routes matter, especially on multiple destination routes. Knowing where each driver is, what they are doing and when the delivery is planned for is the currency of competiveness. Route optimisation software is the platform that allows for this to happen. Working as an integral system combining GPS route planning software and GPS route planning apps, and using web-based systems to holistically bring this data under the control of the fleet manager, route optimisation software allows you to not only map routes in the most economical way but also to adapt routes, plan dispatch, and monitor dispatches, all within the context of your wider fleet a. More than just a journey planner app, routing software has the capability to draw on a whole range of capabilities, especially multi stop route planners which can be an essential tool for delivery companies.

What Do Multiple Stop Route Planners Do?

Depending on your chosen route planner platform, there are going to be variations in the type of route optimisation software. However, the basic premise is that they allow businesses to find and plan routes through GPS technology. Additionally, map routing software facilitate economical multiple stop route planning as well as enabling fleet managers to monitor differentials such as tracking fuel, idle time, driver behaviour and dispatch times.

You can usually access the data via a route planner mobile app, combined with an in-office route planning software which can link to your dispatch centre.

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Why Do Australian Fleets Need Delivery Route Planners?

route-optimisation-softwareIt’s a tough economy for fleet-based businesses operating on Australian turf. With Customer costs being driven down and customer expectations rising, businesses need to effectively meet both. Customers expect deliveries faster and more reliably than ever before. Australian businesses that operate deliveries and want to keep a competitive edge often employ delivery route planners to meet customer needs. Implementing route optimisation planners is essential to the effective deployment of deliveries by safe guarding the businesses reliability reputation whilst also reducing fuel costs and improving fleet productivity.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability with Multi Stop Route Planners:

The Benefits of multi stop route planners and route optimisation systems are wide ranging, but fundamentally, all come back to helping increase your bottom line. If you want to save money on your fleet-based business and make fleet operations more cost-effective and less wasteful, then route planning software is essential.

Reduce Fuel and Labour Costs – Your Biggest Costs:

In circumstances where fleets may temporarily benefit from a low oil price, these benefits are often short-lived. A more reliable method to reduce the costs on any fleets biggest outgoing, fuel, can be achieved with effective route planning software. Route planning software helps reduce fuel costs by ensuring the most direct routes are taken, allowing for shorter journey times, particularly taking in to account multiple stop routes where the overall distance can be drastically reduced. To add to this, additional factors such as improving route planning will mean that your drivers are working more productively and as a result, labour costs can be reduced.

Route Optimisation Case Studies

Burflex ScaffoldingFleetmatics

Reduce Labour Costs by $2000 per week

Burflex Scaffolding, a field based business, states they have reduced labour costs by the equivalent of nearly $2000 per week thanks to Fleetmatics GPS tracking system, a figure not to be taken lightly. Burflex Scaffolding put this down to the route optimisation software giving them better insight and control over their fleet in terms of how vehicles are dispatched, driven and scheduled for maintenance. Mileage has come down as well as a reduction in fuel-wasting driver behaviour.

The pressure is on to get more done in less time. The route planning software boosts productivity by enabling Burflex Scaffolding to serve more orders, set sensible and possible multiple stops, facilitate smart dispatching, and move quickly from job to job in the most efficient way.

Milbrook HealthcareFleetmatics

Increase Productivity by 65%

Milbrook Healthcare have a fleet of 230 vehicles and have seen a 65% rise in their productivity since employing route optimisation software. They put this down to the integration of their telematics system and Google Maps meaning they can locate their drivers in real time and make sure each individual vehicle is taking the most direct route to site. Route planning time has been cut enormously, and unexpected vehicle repairs can be factored in whilst not dropping productivity.

With the rapid exchange of information that the digital age has allowed, it’s essential that you keep your customers happy, especially within the Healthcare industry. The route optimisation planner has allowed Milbrook Healthcare to stay ahead of the game by being able to meet time windows thanks for the precision GPS routing which has become vital in times of an emergency where they are now able to redirect a driver to the most urgent jobs and ultimately, improve customer service.


Improve Delivery Reliability Tenfold

The effective implementation of a multi stop route planner has enabled MannVend, a refreshments specialist based in a fuel-expensive location, to dramatically reduce fuel costs and improve delivery reliability tenfold. This new found reliability is enhancing their customer service and as a result, enabling them to win new business.

By employing an effective route finder system MannVend now has a distinct competitive edge allowing them to exceed customer expectations by predicting and preparing routes to avoid traffic delays and delivery within specific time windows.

LTS CourierFleetmatics

Reduce the Margin for Error

LTS Couriers aim to be the best courier company with a focus on reducing the margin for error and a speciality in same day and next day delivery. Being able to plan efficient multi stop routes is therefore vital for LTS Couriers.

Employing a route planning and tracking software has allowed LTS Couriers to provide customers with accurate tracking of their consignment through every step of the route whilst also experiencing considerably lower fuel costs and saving valuable time in the route planning process.

Route Planners – The Verdict

Route optimisation positively affects your bottom line. Despite the initial outlay costs, route planners allow businesses to immensely improve productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability. All of the benefits of route planners give businesses an added competitive edge that can be vital to business success.

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