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Field service software and job management software are tools that enable businesses to more effectively and efficiently manage their workforce and work tasks. With the nature of Australia’s main industries’ operations, field management software and job scheduling software are becoming increasingly important.

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Field Service Software

field service management software

Field service management software includes both software and cloud-based platforms that enable a more efficient and more effective approach to field service management. For businesses that have workforces that are mobile, off-site, or dispersed, this software is essential for modern field service management.

Whilst the solution will vary depending on the specific nature of your workforce and operations, generally field service software allows you to do things such as making changes to scheduling, work order preferences and management, inventory and stock management as well as managing customer accounts and invoicing.

The best field management software enables you to communicate, in real-time, both with your employees, wherever they are, and your customers. The result is greater business efficiencies, improved flexibility, and improved customer service.

There is a huge array of industries that benefit from field service software in Australia from offshore oil and gas operatives, to city-based utility workers, to telecoms, home healthcare providers and mining.

Job Management Software

Job management software

Job management software again includes both software and cloud-based platforms that enable a business to track and work on projects from start to finish, all within the same system. A good job management system should cover every aspect of the operation from generating quotes through to conversion to tasks and time tracking of the job, to invoicing the customer at the end.

Job management software incorporates both service scheduling software, enabling you to notify customers when a service is due, and job dispatch software, enabling you to send the right person to the right job at the right time. Job scheduling is an integral part of a job management system and is invaluable for Australian businesses working with trade contractors as well as field service engineers.

The aim of job management software is to ensure seamless workflow management. The result is improved efficiencies, greater flexibility, and of course improved customer service. The software allows for mobile workforce management with a high degree of customer communication and customer service.

Job management systems also enable you to make informed decisions about current jobs as well as access customer and work history. You can track labour and parts, an important part of mobile workforce management, and you can bring all employees diaries in line to work efficiently, as well as electronically complete job sheets.

In particular, job scheduling software and job dispatch software are extremely useful tools for fleet management, especially for those companies that run deliveries and need effective dispatch management.

Dispatch Software

Job dispatch software
Dispatch software is an element of both field service software and job management software and works to streamline and create easier working in the realm of dispatch, an important area for many mobile workforces, field workers and fleet-based businesses.

Dispatch software improves mobile workforce management as it allows you to see workers and vehicles in real-time via live mapping. This information is incorporated with scheduling and dispatch to create an efficient work process and field-based business. Dispatch software enables mobile workforce managers to get the right people, the right vehicles, and the right resources, in the right place at the right time.

Dispatch software is in essence, mobile workforce management software, and enables optimisation of the business in terms of staff, vehicles and inventory. The software should incorporate an element of routing as well as being able to assign jobs and communicate with both your employees and your customers.

Mobile Workforce Management

In reality, many systems work to bring together the different elements of field service management software, job management software, and dispatch software. The best system for your business will in part depend on the nature of your mobile, dispersed, or field-based workforce, but also upon your software’s ability to meet all the required elements of mobile workforce management. It is therefore helpful to compare various systems and their functionality.

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Compare Field Service Software and Job Management Software

telogis response job management software★★★★★2010 Mobile Star Awards – Enterprise SoftwareCompare Prices
fleetmatics work field service software★★★★★GetRank Awards – Top 10 in Field Service ManagementCompare Prices
trimble field service management★★★★★2015 ABI Research Awards – Top Provider of Commercial Fleet Software & 90% Customer SatisfactionCompare Prices

Review: Fleetmatics WORK

fleetmatics work field service software

Fleetmatics Work ReviewRating
Ease of Use★★★★★
Customer Support★★★★
Value for Money★★★★★
Reviewed by Global Positioning Specialists11/10/2016

Fleetmatics WORK is a holistic tool for field service management already being used by over 20,000 customers. Being cloud-based, Fleetmatics WORK can be accessed anywhere at any time allowing you to efficiently manage jobs, customers, employees, schedules and payments, all in real-time.

The features and benefits of Fleetmatics WORK include:

  • Client and Customer Management: Fleetmatics WORK puts all the information in the same place with one point of access. Therefore you can easily access all of your contacts alongside relevant job and customer documents as well as job histories, revenue made, and even tracking of customer calls and communication.
  • Field and Mobile Worker Management: Through Fleetmatics WORK you can track and manage all of your workforce and their skills and experience allowing you to schedule and assign tasks efficiently and appropriately.
  • Job Scheduling Software: An integral part of Fleetmatics WORK is its job management software which allows you a high degree of visibility regarding worker and resources availability. With a user-friendly drag and drop function you can then update diaries and schedules accordingly.
  • Job Dispatch Software: Another integral element of Fleetmatics WORK is its job dispatch software which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The aim is to move towards a paperless system whereby all interactions and management of dispatching can be done over the Cloud, including real-time confirmations. Routing is done via Google Maps and customers and your workforce can receive SMS, email and push notifications.
  • Invoicing, Quotations, and Payments: A useful feature of Fleetmatics WORK is that it covers the entire process of your operations from quoting for a job through to conversion to a job assigned, and finally, invoicing. In addition, Fleetmatics WORK can be integrated with the payment system Stripe allowing payment processing to also become part of a holistic field management system of operations. Furthermore, the system integrates with a range of existing accounting packages.
  • Reporting: A key part of Fleetmatics WORK as a field service management system is its fantastic reputation for worthwhile and customisable reporting. You can use the software to improve your business visibility by seeing job summaries as well as time sheets, and identifying where your key profit-making areas are.

Review: Telogis Dynamic Response

telogis response job management software

Teleogis Response ReviewRating
Ease of Use★★★★
Customer Support★★★★
Value for Money★★★★★
Reviewed by Global Positioning Specialists11/10/2016

Telogis Dynamic Response is the field-service software management element of the Telogis group of solutions for mobile workforce management. Being cloud-based, you can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have constant real-time data to work with.

The features and benefits of Telogis Dynamic Response include:

  • Plan v Actual Visibility: Utilise the Telogis Dynamic Response system to easily compare the day’s plans with how things are panning out in reality. This allows you to bring flexibility to your mobile workforce management whilst improving optimisation and efficiency.
  • Job Dispatch Software: The job dispatch element of the Telogis Dynamic Response system allows you to ensure every element of dispatch is covered including updating for workforce sickness, or vehicle breakdown or amendments should an urgent task come in.
  • Mobile Workforce Management and Tracking: The Telogis system enables you to effectively track your workforce and fleet to ensure accurate timings and therefore improve customer service.
  • Integration with Telogis Plan: Telogis Dynamic Response probably operates best when incorporated with other Telogis software platforms such as Telogis Plan, Telogis Fleet, Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile. Telogis Plan allows you to access GPS based dispatching and routing functionalities.
  • Reporting: Telogis Dynamic Response performs a number of different reports depending on your requirements. You can access reports on issues such as mileage and on-time deliveries, all with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness and therefore improving customer service and profit margins.
  • Information Giving: The Dynamic Response software from Telogis also incorporates useful information for your mobile workforce such as weather conditions and traffic updates.

Review: Trimble

trimble field service management

Trimble ReviewRating
Ease of Use★★★★
Customer Support★★★★
Value for Money★★★★★
Reviewed by Global Positioning Specialists11/10/2016

Trimble offer three distinct elements to their field service management software and job scheduling software: PULSE (the field service management solution); Asset-Tracking; and Fleet Solutions. The systems work best when incorporated together and offer a real-time solution for streamlining your mobile workforce management, utilising both the Cloud and mobile technology.

The features and benefits of the Trimble solutions include:

  • Field Service Management: PULSE from Trimble enables various functions of field service management including tracking calls, managing service contracts, managing work orders, and keeping track of inventory, estimates and billing.
  • Scheduling: PULSE enables mobile workforce managers to manage their workforce, resources and fleet to ensure the best schedules, as well as updating in real-time as required.
  • Monitoring: Pulse works to not only locate all aspects of the fleet, asset and workforce, but to connect them in order to ensure work targets are conveyed and met in real-time.
  • Fleet Solutions: Trimble can act as a fleet tracker improving the visibility and responsiveness of your fleet and mobile workforce. Trimble gives you relevant information on where your fleet and workforce as well as valuable information about job statuses as they are undertaken, completed and amended.
  • Fleet Diagnostics and Service Scheduling Software: Thimble Fleet Solutions offer expert diagnostics essential for the smooth running of your fleet including data on fuel, fault codes, odometer readings and your carbon expenditure.
  • Reporting: Trimble brings you customisable reporting to allow a high level of field service management. Additionally, you can program exception alerts for parameters relevant to your fleet and business.
  • Live Mapping: Live mapping allows you to see which staff are where and when, so that dispatch and scheduling can be amended accordingly according to work needs.
  • Asset-Tracking: Asset-Tracking from Trimble works as an add-on to PULSE and the Trimble Fleet Solutions to ensure visibility of all your assets in the field along with reporting on them.

Find the Best System to Manage Your Mobile Workforce

The best field service software job management software and dispatch software is reliant not only on the functionality of the software itself, but also the specific requirements of your mobile workforce management. Many different industries in Australia are highly reliant on off-site, mobile and dispersed workforces. Software solutions work best when they unite the different elements of the business and offer a holistic solution.

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