Guidelines for Forms

These explanatory notes are designed to assist in the completion of the profile forms for your practice marketing information on the Rob Knights Services P/L – Internet Guide to Professional Services. Because the information you provide within those pages will directly affect the marketing of your practice, I urge you to read these guidelines carefully and think about the best ways to use their provisions. In the event of your having any queries please contact us at Rob Knights Services P/L – (02) 9233 4333.

  1. There are a number of sections within the facility.
    1. Contact details
    2. Communications
    3. Special Attributes
    4. Comments about your practice
    5. Services

    It is important all sections be completed where applicable. Where aspects are not applicable N/A should be entered, except in the services section where services not provided within your practice should be left blank.

  2. Contact Details
    This section should normally show the public name and the street or office address of your practice. Whilst mail or other addresses can be shown they may prove a disadvantage where client’s wish to attend your premises or seeking services within a set location.

  3. Communications
    These are the normal communication details for your practice. Whilst there is provision for an e-mail address it is not essential to have one.

  4. Contact persons
    We are providing for up to 2 contact persons. In the case of sole practitioners there need only be one. We do suggest it is important contacts be persons able to answer inquiries and represent your practice on the best possible basis.

  5. Special attributes
    These are likely be key advantages possessed by your practice. Languages, additional offices, national or affiliated branches and international group membership may be key features for potential clients. Enter or cross out those not applying where applicable. Local & general services area is a special feature whereby inquirers can seek a wider range of practices when an original search using location has not produced the desired result. I encourage you to enter a local service area such as northern beaches, eastern suburbs, south coast etc, and a general service area being the main city such as Sydney, Melbourne etc. Accreditations will show your practice professional designation and/or additional accreditations. We expect this starter listing to increase over future months.

  6. Comments on your practice
    This is your free-form selling area for your practice and services. You may wish to refer to future services, specialisation fields or any other matters relating to marketing your practice. This is your area of free choice! We have developed a “keyword” searching ability for this area of the profile. We will correspond further with you later on this.

  7. Services
    Please list the estimated percentage each service constitutes as a whole percentage of your practice’s total fee income. The total of these percentages must total 100%! This is a key area of our GPS facility and we see it developing as the site matures. Some of the common areas of accounting practice are listed. These are not meant to be an all-inclusive list but rather a starting point to be added to as the site develops. Please add any other significant services applicable to your practice under the other heading where applicable. We will of course have to group services where possible under common use headings, so please do not merely rename existing services.

Your completion and return of this profile information to Rob Knights Services Pty Ltd irrevocably authorises Rob Knights Services Pty Ltd to use any and all information provided by you in its professional survey or media publications. Your firm and/or company name will be kept confidential and not be used by Rob Knights Services Pty Ltd without your written authority. Your authority is given in the case of the Internet Guide to Professional Services by completion of the contact details section of these forms. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in reports and publications using this information has been obtained from reliable sources Rob Knights Services Pty Ltd is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from use of this information.

Copyright – Rob Knights Services P/L (ACN: 001 084 920)

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