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This search facility is designed to help you find providers of the services that you need. Listed below are explanations of Search Categories to assist you with your search. Although more than one of these selections may be made to improve the accuracy of your search, be aware that the database is building and more criteria means less practices are selected. These categories include:

  • Select a Professional Service – once you have decided on the type of service that you require, list that service in this area to locate the providers of that service. If you do not want to select a service choose “any service”. (Remember, should you be unsure of the type of service that you require, use The Glossary to assist you with your selection).

  • Select a Practice Name – if you know the name of a specific firm that is listed on the site and you wish to carry out a search using that name, enter it in this section.

  • Select a Location where Service is Required – should you wish to search for a service provider in a specific suburb where, or near where you require the service, this is the section in which to make that choice. When you select an area or location, each record will be checked for that selection based on a firm’s actual location, their local service area such as north coast, eastern suburbs etc, and their general service area such as Sydney, Melbourne etc. So when making your location selection, try a few alternatives to determine which provides you with the best result.

  • Select a Language – for the user who’s first language is other than English and would like a service provider who could converse in their native language, you have the ability to find professional service providers who may have written and/or spoken fluency in your desired language.

  • Select a Keyword – this is where you carry out a search of the 24 lines of text provided by the practice. These lines are used by firms to promote services they may provide for clients.

  • State – should you require the service in a particular state, make the selection in this area.

    Once you have completed all or some of these categories, GO TO SEARCH.

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